Leak Detecting

Is your water bill suddenly through the roof? Is your well pump running constantly or coming on too often? You may have a leak. We can help with that! We are a leading expert in the detection of leaks in pipes. We average 93% accuracy and we guarantee our work.

Do you know you have a leak? Have you been digging “potholes” here and there with no success? Has a plumber been there and told you your only option is to replace your pipe? We can help with that!

Our goal is to save you time, money and frustration!

If you suspect you have a leak in your water pipe or irrigation system, call us right away. We have nearly 35 years of experience finding leaks. We have highly sensitive microphones, and we know how to use them!

A leaking pipe bleeds water 24/7! It costs you money not only in water usage, but also in possible property damage. Keith has been in the water industry for over 40 years. He knows pipes and water systems.