What our customers are saying

Thanks again for your help this morning. The reviews and testimonials didn't lie. You are a true professional.
-- Ward C. S.

Thank you! My husband was ready to install the fence and would have cost us a fortune in plumbing repairs if you had not located the lines! He was very impressed and I am very relieved to have prevented disaster!
-- Sharon F.

We want you to know how pleased we are with your service. You were on time, you were ridiculously accurate in finding our 2 leaks—to the inch—and you came a second time when we needed it. You even called to find out if we were able to fix the problem—which we did. Your idea to put a one-inch pipe inside the two-inch pipe would have worked except we discovered we had already used one-inch during construction. We solved the problem by using pex pipe inside the one-inch pipe. Thank you very much for such good work!
-- Jeff and Jan D.

Thank you for your high customer service and your work! I appreciate your diligence and your knowledge.
-- Liana's B.

Recently my wife and I required the services of The Leak Detectives. Keith Olson showed up promptly and did a great job as well as taking the time to explain to me what he was doing and what he found. He also guaranteed his work and stood behind it. I have been in the business world for over 43 years and I have found that when you find a person with the qualities that include knowledge, personality, integrity, honesty and someone that keeps their word that you have found a unique person and a true winner. Keith is all of those things!
-- Dennis & Gigi