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Leak Detection

If you think you have a leak but do not know where it is, The Leak Detectives can help. Our equipment and expertise allow us to locate underground leaks accurately so you know where to dig and repair. Going this route helps you avoid more costly fixes, like having your water line replaced. Common signs that you have a leak include:


High water bill

A water meter that runs constantly

Loss of water pressure

Cycling or running well pump

A pressure tank that always loses pressure

Soggy wet ground


Even if you can see a soggy area or water coming up through pavement, having your leak located before digging can save you time and money because where you see the water can often be farther away from the leak than you think.


We can locate leaks through slab floors, driveways, and soil.


Give us a call, we are happy to troubleshoot with you over the phone.


(Also, a word of advice. Always check your toilets first)

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