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Thanks again for your help this morning. The reviews and testimonials didn't lie. You are a true professional. 

Ward C. S.

Thank you! My husband was ready to install the fence and would have cost us a fortune in plumbing repairs if you had not located the lines! He was very impressed and I am very relieved to have prevented disaster! 

Sharon F.

We want you to know how pleased we are with your service. You were on time, you were ridiculously accurate in finding our 2 leaks—to the inch—and you came a second time when we needed it. You even called to find out if we were able to fix the problem—which we did. Your idea to put a one-inch pipe inside the two-inch pipe would have worked except we discovered we had already used one-inch during construction. We solved the problem by using pex pipe inside the one-inch pipe. Thank you very much for such good work! 

Jeff and Jan D.

Thank you for your high customer service and your work! I appreciate your diligence and your knowledge. 

Liana B.

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